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Jun 26

There’s No Place Like Home (Part 1)

Let me introduce you.

This is Dorothy, an old soul with a new heart (maybe we should have named her Tin Man……)

A brainchild (not a member of the lollipop guild) of the Wizard and myself.   She was dreamed up after realizing we wanted to build, but loved the soul of an older home.  Also after coming to the conclusion that its slim pickins’ out there in the world of house plans if you want the look of something old with an open floor plan.

We decided if we are going to spend money on a new home, whether building one or just purchasing, why not make it what we wanted.  It was such a great experience to have together.  We studied tons of books on older architecture, ratios and proportions, and the history of homes.  We had loads of fun looking at historic homes for inspiration and coming up with something that was reminiscent of yesteryear while accommodating our needs of a semi-modern family.  My list of necessities for this house was the following:

-needed to look old

-Have presence and not be swallowed up by our land  (since its in the middle of a 14 acre field/beginnings of a Christmas tree farm)

-PORCHES (such a shame that this is not included in newer homes since it doesn’t count towards sq footage.  Most builders see it as a drain on their bottom line…..pfffft!!)

-I needed to be able to see my kids while I am in the kitchen

-Mudroom a.k.a the dumping grounds


See I’m really not that high maintenance!  I swear.  This was my list.

Our next step, was to get some plans made.  So we found a graphic and building designer, or draftsmen,  that could draw up some plans for us based on our sketches and pictures.


It did NOT…..I repeat….did NOT go well at first.  Maybe it was because I was pregnant with the third member of the lollipop guild and had no patience left, or maybe (fact) because it was so terribly off from what I had imagined it would be, but it was like pulling teeth to get what we wanted.

“Are you sure you want the pitch of the roof that high?”

Me: “YES”

“Those windows are very tall.”

Me: “YES I am aware”

“ugh….that’s a lot of porch”

Me: “YES it sure is!”

See the first renderings?  YOWCH!

Not what we had in mind.  Thankfully the Wizard has a lot more patience than this gal, and was able to spend a lot of back and forth time with our designer getting what we wanted.  After months, and I mean months, of going over every detail it came out just as we had imagined.  I definitely encourage anyone wanting something totally custom to go this route, but don’t forget to have patience.  We got a 3D rendering and the ability to walk through and around the house before finalizing our plans.  It did cost a bit, but worth every dime.


I will come back soon and talk all about the beauty of working with builders (hmmm….yes I am fake smiling), and getting our project off the ground.

Do you have any house dreams that seem a bit over the rainbow?  Tell me about them.



For every house is built by someone, but the builder of all things is God.  Hebrews 3:4